Being DBA! Oracle to be DBA!

Hello friends,

I've always written, and will write technical papers. But in this article I want to get out of a little technique and write a social article.

In this article, I will talk about being a DBA. I will tell you about the path we need to follow to become a DBA and the stairs we need to climb up.

DBA (Database Administrator) is a general concept. Turkish stands for “database administrator.. People who run Microsoft SQL Server are called database administrators, people who run IBM DB2, people who run SAP Sybase ASE… But there is a DBA that is much more specific. Oracle DBA!

I always give this example to my new friends. Suppose we make a soup. We'il throw some salt and some spices to make our soup taste good, right? Now let's adapt this to ourselves. Oracle DBA is a delightful taste that emerges when we throw some system information and some software information into a pot and mix it with agility. Because the database runs on an operating system. In this case, we should have some idea about the operating system. Like a driver's license. Even if you are not an engineer, you need to understand the engine a little bit to get a driver's license. You don't need to know enough to dismantle and repair the engine. But in case of failure, you should have some knowledge to identify the source of the problem. I said I need some software knowledge. Because the software is written by our friends working with our application database. It is also our duty to identify the query that caused the problem in our database and inform our developer friend about the query that should be.

So what should Oracle afford to be DBA? If you've decided to become an Oracle DBA, you shouldn't get tired of reading. Because there are so many topics to read… But they all believe in each other. You should love to learn. Even teaching öğret You have to be innovative. You shouldn't get bored with the famous ORA errors. You must be challenging. You must be determined and determined. You should like to take risks. You should do brain training all the time. You must love math. Byte, kilobyte, megabyte, terabyte accounts are inevitable for you 🙂 When necessary, you should be cold blooded and you should not complain about stress. You shouldn't be afraid to press the F5 or F9 magic keys, but you should be sure when you press. Your English must be good. You should follow the technical articles.

Are you scared or friends? Don't be afraid. I don't think it's as enjoyable as being an Oracle DBA. Education is the beginning of every job. When we decide to become an Oracle DBA, we have three basic trainings to take.

  1. Introduction to SQL
  2. Database Administration I
  3. Database Administration II

In addition to these three tutorials, we need to understand and read “Oracle Database Concepts”, which is available for free from Each of the above three courses has an exam. At the end of the first training, there are two SQL exams that you can take according to your preference. With the 007 exam, you will only pass the SQL exam. 047 If you take the SQL expert exam, you will have passed the SQL exam and you will have obtained Oracle SQL Expert certificate. At the end of the second training, you will be awarded the title of OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) and at the end of the third training, you will be certified as OCP (Oracle Certified Professional). Oracle's top title is OCM (Oracle Certified Master). The OCM exam is a fully practical exam lasting two days. OCM exam in Turkey it is made. You can take this exam in countries such as Dubai, America and Korea after regular and hard work. In this exam, your experience on live systems comes to the forefront as well as information. Turkey is a person with this certificate.

As an Oracle DBA, there are advanced topics you need to learn when you get started. These include RAC Administration, Performance Tuning, Data Guard, Backup and Recovery. Oracle masters such as Jonathan Lewis, Thomas Kyte, Julian Dyke, Richard Foote When you start work you will be apprenticed until your master gives you a certificate of mastership almak It is not so easy to get a mastership certificate. Remember that every person struggles first, learns to stand on balance in two feet, learns to walk in a dream, learns to walk, and ultimately runs … All of this requires patience, perseverance and time.

You have decided to become an Oracle DBA. You have received the basic training above. You have read and understood the anlay Oracle Database Concepts üman document. You've stepped up a few more steps by getting Oracle certificates. Now it's time to find a master and do his apprenticeship. It is necessary to fulfill every job that the master gives. In addition to the thought of am If my master gave me a job, iniz you should say, am Master, I want to work in that!. So you should run after the project. As you grapple with the projects, you will notice that you are cooking.

So what does Oracle DBA do? In short, he does the following and seeks answers to the following questions:

– DBMS Installations (Oracle installations are not so easy) – Which application database will be installed? Will the data be large or small? Online database? DSS database? OLTP database? Single Instance? RAC? How many nodes is RAC? What about the version? Do I encounter a BUG in this version?

– Monitoring – Who is doing what? Who's waiting? Who's waiting? Who's waiting? Why is he waiting?

– Security – Who connects to our database and what do they do?

– Extraordinary state center installation and management – What if we completely lose our Data Center as a result of natural disaster? Can we get up as soon as possible? We stood up and how much data could we lose?

– Performance Tuning – What if I run the database more effectively?

Tuning – Whose SQL belongs to it? – HaoAsk This should not work like this. Using wrong index.

– Backup and Recovery – Is the backup we received correct? What if the database migrates? What should my plan be? Plan B? My plan C?

– Upgrade – Should we upgrade to 11g? What if I do? Are my applications affected? How long will the service be interrupted?

7/24 support should not be ignored. Ready! Always ready! Who? DBA! 🙂

As a student who was interested in software during his university years, started his career as a system specialist after the university and continued his career as Oracle DBA, I practiced exactly what I wrote above.

I have written this article to guide my friends who decide to become an Oracle DBA or who will do so. Remember the secret of success at your fingertips… 🙂

I hope to be useful…

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