Master production planning, usually ERP systems, often also MRP or MRPII systems as a sub-module.
Definition in the simplest sense (one) planning of resources such as human, machine and warehouse for each goods and each time frame.

MPS actually consists of three basic parts.

  1. Cost Control
  2. Scheduling & Planning
  3. Decision Theory

Simply calculate the cost of items such as the cost of a product, the cost of storage, the cost of shipping, and personnel costs. Subsequent orders generate the first time entry and Decision Theory starts to work. Plans all resources and processes.

MPS concept, Black Box approach is also possible (2nd).


  • Forecast Demand
  • Production Costs
  • Inventory Costs
  • Customer Orders
  • Inventory Levels
  • Supply
  • Party Sizes (Lot Size)
  • Production Lead Time
  • Capacity


  • Amounts to be Produced
  • Staffing Levels
  • Number of Promised Stocks (Quantity Available to Promise, ATP)
  • Projected Available Balance


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