linux layers

Attention: The commands mentioned in this article are both Linux based CentOS as well as Linux based Rejection Line (RHEL) operating system.

What is Linux Kernel? What does it mean?

The Turkish equivalent of the word ernel kernel ”is“ core.. The Linux Kernel is the core of the Linux operating system.

What is the Linux Kernel?

They control system resources and provide some services for other parts of the operating system.

How to Learn Kernel Version

The Linux kernel is constantly being improved. Therefore, the version number is also updated. Versions of the Linux kernel are identified by three numbers “2.6.32..

On the Linux-based CentOS operating system, you can check the kernel version with one of the following commands.

  • uname -r
  • uname –kernel-release

For example, in the Linux-based CentOS operating system below, the kernel version was examined with both commands and it was found to be 2.6.32.

linux centos red hat rhel version surum learning
Öğrenme Learning the Linux Kernel Version ”

What are Kernel Types?

  • Monolithic Kernel: “Monolithic” is the Turkish equivalent of “One Piece”. In other words, the term ol Monolithic Kernel lin refers to a single-part linux core. This kernel type consists of a single file. Such cores old to It remained.
  • Modular Kernel: Modular core. Allows the use of modules. The new type is the kernel. Necessary supports can be added or removed during operation.
Monolithic Kernel Modular Kernel
Old New
One piece, one file Modular structure with the use of modules
Fast and safe Flexible structure

What is a module and what does it do?

Modules are software developed with C programming language. It's like an ordinary program. These programs are also added to the kernel and made operational.

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