Sep 19
by Ahmet Duruöz

There is a script in the form of pxhcdr.sql that generates diagnoses about the current situation and the existing problems related to parallel execution in Oracle databases. You can download the relevant script from the link below or from MOS document number 1460440.1.

This script generates reports that you will use to diagnose the current problems and the current parallelism status in the tables and configurations in the database.

Script requires Oracle Diagnostics Pack or Oracle Tuning Pack license. The script is executed with two parameters that specify which of these licenses and the directory where reports will be generated. If Oracle Diagnostics Pack license is available, parametre D “must be entered for the relevant parameter,” T a if Oracle Tuning Pack license is available, and “N yoksa value if none exists.

You can download Script from the link below

pxhcd is

It is operated as follows. The script must be run with a user with a sys or dba role.

An example of a report generated by the script is as follows.