Oct 16
by Ahmet Duruöz

In Oracle databases, the SYSAUX table space is an auxiliary storage area for the SYSTEM table space. Most Oracle database components that are not critical to basic functionality are located in the SYSAUX table space. If the SYSAUX table space becomes unavailable, the database will still run, but database components that use SYSAUX components will become inoperable or have limited features.

In Oracle databases, we can get information about how much space is occupied by which component of SYSAUX table space from V $ SYSAUX_OCCUPANTS image.

Since the records of the audit transactions are kept in the SYSAUX table area, the occupied area in the SYSUX table area should be checked from time to time as the SYSAUX table area may become full when there are too many records. You can use a query like the following for this check.